A dedicated organization in providing beautiful properties and great land deals for sale in North America with breathtaking scenery, incredible amenities and outstanding growth potential.


What started in 1958 as a one-man insurance operation has blossomed into a 2,500-employee auto insurance success story. Today, 21st insures over 1.5 million vehicles across the nation, making us one of the largest direct-to-consumer personal auto
insurance providers in the country.


The Central Neighborhood Medical Group is the outgrowth of a co-operative healthcare initiative dating back to the 1920's. Under the sponsorship of local churches, this grass roots depression-era project was created for the benefit of the poor migrants from southern states to Los Angeles.


AEFK's encompassing mission is to give disadvantaged children a fighting chance for a happy, productive life. For increasing numbers of youngsters, the ideal of an innocent, carefree childhood is a pipe dream. Their lives are compromised by poor health, teen parenthood, violence, poverty, substance abuse, and inadequate education. The threatening nature of their life circumstances precludes play, creativity, and hope to the detriment of the development of strong feelings of self worth and personal independence, the foundations of adult productivity.


The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization.that provides Benefits and Scholarships to California Highway Patrol family members.  Since the CHP 11-99 Foundation was incorporated in 1981, the members of the Foundation's Board of Directors have provided over $13 million in assistance to current, retired and Fallen in the Line of Duty CHP employees and their families.  For a quarter century now, the important work of the Foundation has been enabled through the generosity of tens of thousands of individual donors and volunteers and by institutional grant funding.