Erik Estrada and Butterfinger team up!

In the spring of 2010 BUTTERFINGER® thefts skyrocketed to epidemic proportions. Nestlé executives took these thefts very seriously and took out a first-of-its-kind $1 million insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London to ensure the ongoing production of BUTTERFINGER®. They expanded this effort by calling on 3 Hollywood heroes, Erik Estrada, Lou Ferrigno and Charisma Carpenter who formed “The Butterfinger Defense League.” This team of sexy, sassy and hulking huge stars will stop at nothing to ensure that Nobody’s Gonna Lay a Finger on YOUR BUTTERFINGER®!

This tasty trio of heroes also joined forces with Sir Mix-A-Lot himself by starring in the “I Like Big Butterfingers” music video. Check out Erik Estrada and the entire Butterfinger Defense League in action at:
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